Saturday, October 6, 2018

Adulthood submitted to Horrorfest 2018

Our new Horror short Adulthood is finished and has been submitted to Horrorfest 2018, we will announce details once we know if we have been accepted.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Website for documentary Beneath the Painted Surface

The website for our upcoming release Beneath the Painted Surface has gone live.
Please visit it at

At the moment, a rough cut of the film is being shown to test audiences and has been submitted to a premiere film festival. We will announce which festival if they select the film!

If you are interested in being part of test audience please click here

The website for Beneath the Painted Surface will be the place to follow for all BTPS news.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Adulthood cast.

Thank you and congratulations to the following actors who have been cast in En Queue Film's upcoming horror short Adulthood, directed by Bowen O'Brien.

Jude Ledinski is COLTON
Sam Caruth is WILL
Riley Ellis-Buckle is DAVEY
Aleksander Filipovic is SKYLER
Stella M. Normandeau is ABBY
Max V. Normandeau is MAX
Jonathan Fraser-Monroe is JON

Peter Howe is ADULT MALE
_________ is ADULT FEMALE

We still need one Adult Female and a location. (Ordinary house on an ordinary street in Vernon or Armstrong.)

This list will be updated. Contact for info.
Shoot date Saturday Aug 25

Saturday, June 23, 2018

EQF Casting Call for Child Actors in horror film

For our upcoming Horrorfest entry, (don't worry, nothing obscene) we need the following roles filled:

Colton: boy 12 - 14, funny, rambunctious, needs to act: sad, scared, angry
Will: boy 12 - 14, a leader, serious, needs to act: angry, sad, scared
Davey: boy 14-16, cool dude, peachfuzz moustache (very important), a physical part
Abby: girl 12-14, big sister, needs to act: sad, scared, worried
Skyler: boy 8-10, little brother, needs to act: scared, sad, worried

We will be shooting our short film in one long day, Saturday Aug, 25th.
Actors will be required for rehearsals prior to this date.
Auditions may be required.

Please contact us here or by email at brian_taylor
If you could send a picture that would be great, name, age, contact info
Or call Brian in the Evenings please, at 250 307 3352

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

EQF to produce Horror short film with young filmmaker Bowen O'Brien

Brian C. Taylor and En Queue Film are pleased as punch to announce that we will be producing a short horror film in August, with the hope of entering it in Horrorfest in Kelowna at Halloween.

Taylor has written and is producing the short as an EQF release of a Bowen O'Brien film.

Bowen O'Brien is an experienced filmmaker with many releases on his youtube page, despite having just turned 15. Bowen will direct and edit the unnamed horror project. Bowen attends the Vernon Community School.

We have recently acquired Cinematographer Kora Vanderlip to shoot the short. Kora is a recent graduate of the Vancouver Film School and no stranger to EQF productions, most recently having won Best Cinematography at 2015 Horrorfest with The Dream is Ready.

We're super excited to be working on this project.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

EQF releases Garf Garf with Director's commentary on Youtube

En Queue Film and Brian C. Taylor are proud to release Garf Garf with Director's Commentary on Youtube as The Philosophy of Garf Garf

In addition to providing commentary on the making of the film, it also brings up the three philosophical questions posed by the film.


Wednesday, November 29, 2017

EQF Fall/Winter 2017 Update

Wow, three whole posts this year!
It must seem to you that nothing is happening around here, but that is because we're so very busy making and selling films.

Here is the En Queue Film fall and winter update for 2017.

Our past films continue to get a few views on our youtube page, which is nice.
Battle at Beaver Creek continues to sell on Amazon, particularly in Japan, then the UK, in terms of statistical views. Only one American reviewed it, he thought it was terrible. (We think he's wrong.)
The film continues to be blocked in China.
Amazon Prime members can watch the film for free.
Financially, BABC is still a net loss for En Queue Film, but it also represents the bulk of EQF's revenue stream.

En Queue Film's Brian Taylor - Photo by Lorelei Fiset
Our documentary Destanne Norris: Beneath the Painted Surface is very near completion and will be released in 2018, but we're still not ready to announce how or when. The first sixteen minutes of the film were exhibited in a special screening at Caetani House in Vernon on November 4. It was extremely well received. In the coming weeks/months, more and more info will begin being disseminated from and about the film.

 2018 promises to be busy sharing Beneath the Painted Surface with the world although Brian continues to shop his feature scripts, develop his next documentary, a possible web series and has agreed to edit Mike Poirier's Love of the Sport. 
There also continues to be a real possibility that nearly any other type of film might suddenly be created.

Stay tuned