Sunday, December 2, 2018

EQF submits film to Filmstro One Minute Film Contest

Brian C. Taylor and Bowen O'Brien (the guys that brought you Adulthood) have teamed up again to create a one minute film contest entry entitled Fear & Love: Everything you need to know in under a minute.

Fear & Love is a metaphorical tale of a young couple coming to terms with their emotions about not being able to have a baby. Everything in this film represents something and there's information hidden everywhere.

Who or what is the creature?
Why does it share it's red eye?
What is with the man's hair, or the woman's clothes?
Why does the wood pile appear in three different states?
Where does their child come from?

Answer these questions and glean Everything you need to know in under a minute.

Good luck to the cast and crew in this contest...

Watch here. Share freely.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Beneath the Painted Surface on schedule for completion

The rough cut has been viewed by our test audience and surveys have been completed.
The results of those surveys have been translated into changes to the film, for the better.

We haven't yet heard about our film festival submission of the rough cut, remaining "In Consideration." We missed our opportunity to submit to Cannes, which we are sad about, but the film will be finished in time to submit to our next festival, deadline December.

It's almost done already.

If you would like to know more, please visit

Adulthood wins big at Horrorfest X

Congratulations to Cast and Crew! Adulthood has won Best Picture and Best Story awards at Horrorfest X presented by the Okanagan Society of Independent Filmmaking in Kelowna BC.

A panel of industry professionals chose our little film over some other excellent short films.

The Horrorfest audience seemed very surprised when writer and producer I announced that Adulthood was made by a fourteen year-old Bowen O'Brien. Bowen was able to give an acceptance speech as I used Duo, a videophone app, so that Bowen could witness the screening at the 19+ event. I held the microphone up to my phone, which I pointed at the audience, they could see Bowen, Bowen could see them (I think.)

Adulthood works as a picture because of the hard work that our cast and crew put into it.
Thank you so much.

And thanks to the Okanagan Society of Independent Filmmakers as well as the other sponsors of Horrorfest. OSIF and EQF have had a long and beautiful friendship. 

I will be publishing more about the story of the making of Adulthood in forthcoming blogs.
We have entered the film into three more film festivals: Fantasia FF (Canada's premiere horror and sci-fi fest.) The Seattle International FF and Hollyshorts, a California fest specializing in shorts.

Update: Adulthood was shown at the Towne Theatre on monday night, previous to the Okanagan Screen Arts presentation. Bowen was able to attend and was thrilled to see his film on the very big screen.  It is my understanding that there's an opportunity to screen the film again in the future.

Further to this, Bowen and Brian are to be interviewed by the Morning Star newspaper.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Adulthood submitted to Horrorfest 2018

Our new Horror short Adulthood is finished and has been submitted to Horrorfest 2018, we will announce details once we know if we have been accepted.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Website for documentary Beneath the Painted Surface

The website for our upcoming release Beneath the Painted Surface has gone live.
Please visit it at

At the moment, a rough cut of the film is being shown to test audiences and has been submitted to a premiere film festival. We will announce which festival if they select the film!

If you are interested in being part of test audience please click here

The website for Beneath the Painted Surface will be the place to follow for all BTPS news.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Adulthood cast.

Thank you and congratulations to the following actors who have been cast in En Queue Film's upcoming horror short Adulthood, directed by Bowen O'Brien.

Jude Ledinski is COLTON
Sam Caruth is WILL
Riley Ellis-Buckle is DAVEY
Aleksander Filipovic is SKYLER
Stella M. Normandeau is ABBY
Max V. Normandeau is MAX
Jonathan Fraser-Monroe is JON

Peter Howe is ADULT MALE
_________ is ADULT FEMALE

We still need one Adult Female and a location. (Ordinary house on an ordinary street in Vernon or Armstrong.)

This list will be updated. Contact for info.
Shoot date Saturday Aug 25

Saturday, June 23, 2018

EQF Casting Call for Child Actors in horror film

For our upcoming Horrorfest entry, (don't worry, nothing obscene) we need the following roles filled:

Colton: boy 12 - 14, funny, rambunctious, needs to act: sad, scared, angry
Will: boy 12 - 14, a leader, serious, needs to act: angry, sad, scared
Davey: boy 14-16, cool dude, peachfuzz moustache (very important), a physical part
Abby: girl 12-14, big sister, needs to act: sad, scared, worried
Skyler: boy 8-10, little brother, needs to act: scared, sad, worried

We will be shooting our short film in one long day, Saturday Aug, 25th.
Actors will be required for rehearsals prior to this date.
Auditions may be required.

Please contact us here or by email at brian_taylor
If you could send a picture that would be great, name, age, contact info
Or call Brian in the Evenings please, at 250 307 3352