Monday, November 5, 2012

the Gravity Project is Launched

Brian Taylor and En Queue Film are happy to announce the launching of the GRAVITY project.

GRAVITY is a sci-fi feature film to be co-produced by no budget indie filmmakers from all over the world.

The premise is simple:
One day, for unknown reasons, gravity suddenly and drastically becomes stronger. Pinning everyone and everything to the ground.
All over the world, people have to deal with the various problems this gravitational change brings about.
On the third day, the force lifts and everyone who is able to moves outside, blinking in the fresh air.
Then the gravity shifts the opposite way and most everyone floats off into the sky.

The Gravity Project means to collect five to nine short films (10 to 20 minutes) from indie filmmakers that depict ordinary folks dealing with this amazing gravitational event, from different locations and cultures.
Brian Taylor will then edit together the films into a narrative feature that En Queue Film will release.

Click "GRAVITY" above for more information.

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