Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Garf Garf has been released unto the world!

Garf Garf has arrived.
Click "Watch Garf Garf" above.

The film premiered online at 7pm pacific time on February 12, 2013, roughly two hours ago.
It managed to get 180 views before being released and is currently enjoying a slow start, being spread by friends, fans and En Queue Film.

A small premiere was held with a few cast and crew members at Brian's house.
We watched Garf Garf on a fifty inch tv and the 750mb digital file looked amazing.
(You could totally get that file for $5- click indiegogo campaign above.)

Our marketing campaign is paying off, and will start in the next two weeks.
(I'm giving some time for our organic, social media campaign to grow roots.)

Thanks to everyone involved with the film.

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