Sunday, March 3, 2013

Indiegogo campaign for Garf Garf succeeds

Thanks to the generous and kind work of friends, family and our volunteers, EQF was able to raise $425 which is a whopping 85% of our goal.

With that money we are already purchasing advertising time which leads to views of Garf Garf.
Not only does that entertain folks all over the world; Not only does that spread an appropriately altruistic message, of which we can all be proud, but it also leads to EQF's first ever INCOME.

That income, which is already trickling in slowly, marks a departure for our little studio.
Up until this point, all we were doing was spending money. Now we are making money.

All the profits from Garf Garf will be donated to charities that feed the hungry, first locally, then if we raise enough money, globally.

Thanks so much to everyone who donated, was involved in the campaign, or was part of the production team.

We can all be very proud of this step we've taken together.
Only bigger and better things can come now from En Queue Film.

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