Thursday, May 9, 2013

Summer 2013 Update

Hello all,
Just thought I'd drop a note here so that the world didn't think that EQF had come to a screeching halt.
It hasn't.

We have finished Garf Garf and posted it online, it hasn't yet taken off in the way we hoped, but it has just over a couple thousand hits, and those, we're happy to say, are "real hits." Meaning, it wasn't the product of advertising that lead to GG being clicked on, then immediately turned off. 
That was what the trailer was for, (it has been seen over three million times and clicked over 24 thousand.)
This was intentionally achieved so that we could calculate the success of our ad versus actual views. (Unlike the Bite, which was its own ad.)

Garf Garf is still being considered for a film festival in France. We are hoping it is chosen for a screening. We should know by September.

We are continuing to work on Battle at Beaver Creek. A couple weeks ago we filmed an emotional scene with Matt Brown and Lana O'Brien that turned out amazing. (Thank you, Lana!)
We have two shooting dates booked for July with Matt and Sheldon Graham. One date with Corky McMechan. 
Then sometime in August and September we will be picking up odd little shots to help flesh out the story, using extras and stand ins. 

By October Brian expects to lock himself in the studio and finish BABC. 
In a perfect world, the Premiere will take place, in our hometown of Vernon BC, in December.
But it could be 2014. 

Brian continues to try to drum up interest in the Gravity Project, (see above) as well as working on scripts for future projects. 
There is a very real possibility of another short being produced over the winter months. 

Anyone interested in working on these or any future projects should feel free to contact 
Volunteer filmmaking is a fun and rewarding experience and we're always interested in meeting with enthusiasm. 

Thank you, 
See you at the movies!

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