Saturday, November 8, 2014

Share B@BC, make money!

En Queue Film is happy to announce the release of Battle at Beaver Creek at Distrify.
If you have the ability to share the film online, you can make 10% of the stream and download fees.
You must join (which is free) THEN start sharing the film.
Join now, it's not too early to start sharing. The film goes live Dec 21.

Sharing = $
Got a facebook page? BLAM! 50 cents per download.
Got a blog? BLAM! 40 cents per stream.
We win, you win, the audience wins. Thank you!

Yes, we will be releasing the film at four other major film sites: Indiereign,, Reelhouse, Amazon, because we feel that the preferences of viewers should be accommodated as broadly as possible. Plus these sites are awesome portals to other great movies.

In terms of features, ease of use and especially beauty, En Queue Film will be using as their main portal. HD, bonus materials, built in store, everything, free, right there for you. offers the premiere online film experience to both the filmmaker and the audience.

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