Saturday, June 23, 2018

EQF Casting Call for Child Actors in horror film

For our upcoming Horrorfest entry, (don't worry, nothing obscene) we need the following roles filled:

Colton: boy 12 - 14, funny, rambunctious, needs to act: sad, scared, angry
Will: boy 12 - 14, a leader, serious, needs to act: angry, sad, scared
Davey: boy 14-16, cool dude, peachfuzz moustache (very important), a physical part
Abby: girl 12-14, big sister, needs to act: sad, scared, worried
Skyler: boy 8-10, little brother, needs to act: scared, sad, worried

We will be shooting our short film in one long day, Saturday Aug, 25th.
Actors will be required for rehearsals prior to this date.
Auditions may be required.

Please contact us here or by email at brian_taylor
If you could send a picture that would be great, name, age, contact info
Or call Brian in the Evenings please, at 250 307 3352

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