Sunday, December 2, 2018

EQF submits film to Filmstro One Minute Film Contest

Brian C. Taylor and Bowen O'Brien (the guys that brought you Adulthood) have teamed up again to create a one minute film contest entry entitled Fear & Love: Everything you need to know in under a minute.

Fear & Love is a metaphorical tale of a young couple coming to terms with their emotions about not being able to have a baby. Everything in this film represents something and there's information hidden everywhere.

Who or what is the creature?
Why does it share it's red eye?
What is with the man's hair, or the woman's clothes?
Why does the wood pile appear in three different states?
Where does their child come from?

Answer these questions and glean Everything you need to know in under a minute.

Good luck to the cast and crew in this contest...

Watch here. Share freely.

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