Friday, December 6, 2019

Winter update 2019/2020

2019 has been a quieter year for EQF.

Adulthood was released to our youtube page and has been enjoyed all over the world.
Battle at Beaver Creek turned five years old in October and was re-released for free on youtube after being only exclusively available on Amazon Prime.
We still have a few scripts in pre-production (seeking funding) and a couple short projects in the works, but 2019 will not see a new En Queue Film. 2020 will.

2019 was almost entirely devoted to the marketing of our documentary about Destanne Norris Beneath the Painted Surface and while the film has yet to be picked up, we continue to talk to companies and broadcasters with high hopes. However, one year was devoted to the possibility of an outside source sharing the film and it is now likely that EQF will release it on Amazon Prime in 2020.

Brian Taylor has been creating content in 2019, the world just hasn't seen it yet.
2020 should be an exciting year in more ways than one.

Have a great new year!

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