En Queue Film is an all-volunteer film production company in British Columbia, Canada. 
It is run by filmmaker Brian C. Taylor and makes use of the many talented and passionate artists in the Okanagan Valley. 

En Queue Film has as its mission statement: the telling of extraordinary tales of common people in unusual circumstances. Taylor's work tends to be a comment upon greed, prejudice or fear.
A movie is made by a group of people following a long series of tiny steps. If everyone dedicates themselves to the steps they've undertaken and the plan is good enough, very fine films can result. 

Volunteer filmmaking is a fun and rewarding experience. Our cast and crew love filmmaking and work for deferred payment, meaning: if the film makes money, we make money.

Volunteer filmmaking requires generating funding from many different sources. EQF has successfully utilized crowdsourcing for productions and marketing. Also, Taylor is in debt. :)

Our films generate income through donations, internet sales and rentals as well as dvd sales.
New and exciting online film distribution options continue to be explored, as well as traditional methods.

En Queue Film has multiple projects in various stages of development at all times.

Each project undertaken is bigger and better than the last. We strive to compete with Hollywood.

If you would like to be part of a volunteer filmmaking experience, please get in touch with Brian by clicking CONTACT EQF above

For more information about En Queue Film please click here

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