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Garf Garf is suitable for all ages and species.

Please feel free to spread its message of peace and hamburgers.
Review of Garf Garf available here

Any profits made by this film will be donated to charities that feed the hungry.

About the Production:

Garf Garf is En Queue Film's second production.
It cost $600 to make, took 14 hours to shoot and approximately 350 hours to edit.
If we had paid every volunteer $20 per hour the film would have cost just under $10,000

Garf Garf is a film by Brian C. Taylor
Written by Brian Taylor, Dawn Taylor & Dawn Crystal
Produced by Brian Taylor & Dan Toolsie
Music by Feed Them Brains
Makeup by Dawn Taylor
Production Assistant Adam Karame
Crane shot achieved by One Inch Punch Productions - Randy Kirk & Connor Rothman

Cast (in order of appearance)
Garf Garf Josh Parks
Homeless Man Adel Karame
Generous Woman Ellen Karame
Big Meany Jamie Stuart
Curious Man Dan Toolsie
Appearing in "the Bite" Doug Revak
Flarnottens Commercial Man Brian Taylor
Captain Kirk William Shatner
Mr. Spock Leonard Nimoy
News Anchor Luke Kendrick
Food for the World Commercial Narrator Dawn Taylor
Family watching TV: Father Ryan Nitchie 
Mother Tami Nitchie 
Daughters Kaia Nitchie & Abby Nitchie 
Little Girl watching TV Autumn Stuart
Man in bed Jim Nelson 
Woman in bed Leanne Emery

Music from Garf Garf is available at

Any trademarks appearing in this film are the properties of their respective owners and are used fairly.
Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock and Star Trek: the Wrath of Khan are the property of Paramount Pictures.
The murals that appear in the City of Vernon are copyrighted to Michelle Loughery

No Hamburgers were harmed during the filming of this production
Any profits made from this film will be donated to charities that feed the hungry.

Garf Garf was an all volunteer production. 

City of Vernon BC
Dulux Paints
Big Sun Tanning

Running Time 17:13 720p 16:9
Copyright 2013 En Queue Film

DVD Ordering:

En Queue Film is currently working out a distribution deal for beautifully packaged DVDs,
but in the meantime, we will ship a handwritten copy to you for 13 Canadian loonies.
Yeah, that's right, anywhere in the world. Shipping included. $13.
Even at that amazing price, we'll make a few bucks and feed some more hungry people.

DVD's contain a high quality 720p image resolution and a director's commentary.
E T S   4 0 0

ETS400 is a reimagining of Garf Garf that is set to Eric Whitacre's version of the song "Enjoy the Silence" slowed down 400%

The result is a strange, ethereal trip worth taking. Listen through your stereo or headphones!

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