Watch the Bite

Turn down the lights and turn up the volume, it's time to watch the Bite

We suggest watching full screen, button bottom left of screen.

Here is the Hyper Version of the Bite

The Hyper Version is a fifteen minute edit of the Bite prepared for YourFilmFestival.

Here is a link to's REVIEW of the Bite

The Making of the Bite

DVD is now Available for purchase.

En Queue is currently working out a distribution deal for beautifully packaged 720p DVD's.
In the mean time, handwritten copies are available for $13.
Tax and shipping included, $13, anywhere in the world.
DVD's contain original version of the Bite, special feature: the making of the Bite 40 minutes, Subtitles. 

The Bite is En Queue Film's first production.
It cost $200 to make.
Approximately 15 hours to shoot and 200 hours in Post Production.
If we had paid every volunteer $20 an hour for the work they did, the film would have cost just under $6000.
Thank you Volunteers!
Let's get to work on the next Project:
Battle at Beaver Creek

Matt Brown
Dawn Taylor
Braeden Brown
Peter Howe
Doug Revak
Jonathan Bennett
Candice Grieve
Josh Parks
Taylor Grieve
Danielle Bennett

Makeup by:
Dawn Taylor

Music by:
Feed Them Brains

Produced by:
Daniel J. Stuart

Written & Directed by:
Brian Taylor

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